Monday, July 3, 2023

Factor 75 Cavatappi & Italian Pork Ragu

 This is my first meal with the Factor75 program. The meals come cold but unfrozen in a box, a week's worth at a time. I chose the “calorie smart” and “protein plus” menus. I’m starting with the six-meals-per-week plan. There are several other options. With shipping, that’s $98.37 for six meals, $16.40 per meal.

Tonight's meal was cavatappi, which is a type of spiral pasta, and Italian pork ragu with steamed broccoli. The meals come in plastic trays with two wells. It’s hard to gauge the size of the portions from looking at the trays because the wells are pretty deep. The portions were generous, though, and by the time I finished eating both wells, I was pretty full.

The meal was 490 calories, with 26g of fat, 23g of protein, and 43g of total carbs. If you’re using Noom, it’s already listed in the meal options.

This is their image. I’ll start making my own as I write more of these.

Microwave pasta isn’t always great, but this was perfect. The Ragu was flavorful but not too meaty. I guess they have to do a balancing act to keep the calories at their goal. It ended up being a generous portion. I was full when I finished it.

The steamed broccoli was steamed broccoli. They had a garlic sauce with a little butter, which I would have preferred a whole bunch of butter, but they’re trying to economize calories, and so am I. Green vegetables like this cost almost nothing on Noom, so I could have eaten three times as much without going over my budget, but what they sent was more than adequate.

For $14 and two minutes in the microwave, I’d say it’s worth it. That’s less than I’d spend at a restaurant for about the same quality, and more than I’d spend at a fast food place, with much greater quality.

They made a real effort to make sure their shipping boxes were recyclable and biodegradable, so maybe the meal trays are next.

Use this link and get a $150 discount on Factor75 food.  

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